10ft Comfort Attic Stairs

Price – €700

The 10ft comfort attic stairs is a premium quality folding 3 section attic stairs . It is equipped with an aesthetically finished insulated hatch in white and accessories enabling comfortable loft ladder usage as standard – stile ends and handrail. Steps protrude form the stringers facilitating climbing the ladder.

There will be a €75 fee if stairs is in a new location in the house.

The Super Safe 10ft Attic Stairs

The Super safe attic stairs has for greater safety and user comfort  been equipped with an additional handrail, mounted onto the middle section. It also possesses special mechanism which assists ladder folding and unfolding by means of a gas spring. The special mechanism of the hatch unloading mechanism makes it possible to eliminate the use for a locking latch. 

There will be a €75fee if stairs is in a new location in the house.