4 Part Space Saver Stairs

The 4 Part Space saver stairs €700 94cm x 60cm

This stairs is 26cm (10 inches) shorter than our standard attic stairs. This stairs is only used if a certain ceiling joists can’t be cut (a joist that carries a lot of weight like a water tank support or roof support).

I have this stairs to give our clients a choice if our standard stairs won’t fit. (The difference between the space saver and truss stairs is the truss is 50mm narrower than my standard stairs, the space saver stairs is 26cm shorter than our standard stairs) If I call to fit a standard stairs and I discover you need the space saver stairs, then change your mind due to extra cost it is no problem and no cost to you.

This stairs is a 4 part wooden folding stairs. It has special safety features due to the fact it is a 4 part folding stairs. The steps and side rails on ladder part of our attic stairs are 75mmx27mm and all our stairs can take a weight of 150kg (23.5 stone) which makes them the strongest on the market.

This stairs does ceilings up to 2.8 meters. The average fitting time is 2 hours with very little mess as we always cover your floor with a dust-sheet.

There will be a €75 fee if stairs is in a new location in the house