Airtight Attic Dormer Doors

Supplied & fitted from €400

The dormer door is used in dormer houses where the slope of the roof is in upstairs living area. There is an area in all dormers under the roof that can be accessed without an attic stairs, this area is called the crawl-space. The crawl space can be used for storage, but when an ordinary door is fitted in this space they are extremely draughty.

Our dormer / Attic crawl-space doors are extremely airtight and the door has 30mm of insulation in the middle of the door which makes the door 40mm thick. It is also rebated and has a rubber seal which gives it a very high u-rating. This makes them very suitable for use in bedrooms.

Dormer roofs often have very small attics and sometimes an attic stairs can’t be fitted, but they usually have a good size crawl space. Why not make use of it for storage? Below you can see an inspection door giving access to an unused dormer crawl space. The crawl space often runs the full length of roof.