45 Minute folding Fire Stairs

Price – €560

The 45 Minute folding Fire-Resistant Attic Stairs acts as a blaze-block in the event of fire inside the building, thanks to its high fire-resistant properties, (EI2: 30 min). The 45 minute folding is perfect for installations subject to stipulations as specified in the building regulations. The unique special unloading mechanism eliminates the need for a lock.

Satisfies the requirements of EN 14975 and EN 1363-1
Technical specification

maximum loading: 160 kg

fire-resistance EI2: 45 minutes

insulation thickness: 3 cm

hatch thickness: 4.2 cm

There will be a €30 fee if stairs is in a new location in the house.

60 minute Scissor Fire Stairs

The 60 Minute Scissor Stairs acts as a blaze block in case of fire inside the building preventing the smoke from entering the fire-free storey, thus providing additional precious time for the fire services to arrive in the event of emergency. The Loft Ladder fire-resistance is EI2 = 60 minutes. The overall floor-ceiling ladder height can be increased to a maximum 320cm by adding one LSS segment.

Satisfies the requirements of EN14975 and EN 1363-1

Technical specification

maximum loading 250 kg

fire resistance EI2 60 min

insulation thickness 3cm

hatch thickness 5.4 cm