The Super Thermo Attic Stairs

The Super Thermo attic stairs €700

The Super Thermo is a 3 part wooden folding attic stairs, it has a handrail and rubber shoes. It has a two point airtight locking system that gives this stairs a high u-value. The steps and side rails on ladder part of our attic stairs are 75mmx27mm and all our stairs can take a weight of 150kg (23.5 stone) which makes them the strongest on the market.

The Super Thermo attic stairs is a highly insulated ladder intended for buildings with significant temperature differences between the living areas and non-habitable spaces in the loft. The structure is similar to that of our standard attic stairs but features a highly insulated white hatch as standard. The frame height reaches 22cm inside the loft when fully closed.

This stairs will work in 99% of houses it is same size as our standard attic stairs but with its super insulated door and its airtight two point locking system makes this stairs very suitable for use in a bedroom, kitchen or any living area. The door on this stairs, 87mm thick, makes it one of the highest rated insulated stairs on the market.

There will be a €75 fee if stairs is in a new location in the house