The Thermo Attic Stairs

Thermo attic stairs €450 size 55cm x 111cm
Thermo stairs extra wide €520 size 70cm x 111cm


This stairs is a top quality Thermo stairs We will always fit the Thermo stairs where we can.

If for some reason the Thermo stairs won’t fit we have other sizes from the range that that may work, we will inform you of your options as to what stairs will best suit your attic space, you can then decide whether to get stairs fitted or not.

The Thermo stairs is a wooden three part folding stairs; the steps are grain and colour and are not jointed timber, its steps are grooved for extra grip It is well insulated as it has insulation built in to the middle of the door and has a rubber seal between door and frame. Our Thermo stairs is very suitable for halls, corridors, utility rooms, landings, it can also work in bathrooms and en suite as long as there is enough room for stairs to open and fold out. It also has a handrail and rubber shoes for grip. The steps and side rails on ladder part of our attic stairs are 80 mm x 20mm and all our stairs can take a weight of 160kg (24 stone) which makes them the strongest on the market. This stairs does ceiling up to 2.8 meters.. The average fitting time is 2 hours with very little mess as we always cover yourfloor with a dust-sheet. If the old opening is too small we make it bigger or if it is too wide we make it smaller. The ceiling will be plastered up to make good; this is all included in price (no extra cost)

There will be a €75 fee if stairs is in a new location in the house.